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Peugeot 2008: Unlocking the vehicle / Back-up procedures

Lost keys, remote control, electronic key

Visit a PEUGEOT dealer with the vehicle's registration certificate, a personal identification document and, if possible, the label bearing the key code.

The PEUGEOT dealer will be able to retrieve the key code and the transponder code required to order a new key.

Complete unlocking/locking of the vehicle with the key

Use this procedure in the following situations:

  • Remote control battery discharged.
  • Remote control malfunction.
  • Vehicle battery discharged.
  • Vehicle in an area subject to strong electromagnetic interference.

In the first case, change the remote control battery.

In the second case, reinitialise  the remote control.

Refer to the corresponding sections.

Peugeot 2008. Back-up procedures

  • Insert the key in the door lock.
  • Turn the key towards the front/rear to unlock/lock the vehicle.
  • Turn the key rearwards again within 3  seconds to deadlock the vehicle.

Peugeot 2008. Back-up procedures If the vehicle is fitted with an alarm, it will not be activated when locking with the key.

If the alarm is activated, the siren sounds when the door is opened; switch on the ignition to stop it.

Central locking not functioning

Use these procedures in the following cases:

  • Central locking malfunction.
  • Battery disconnected or discharged.

Peugeot 2008. Back-up procedures In the event of a malfunction of the central locking system, the battery must be disconnected to ensure that the vehicle is locked fully.

Driver's door

  • Turn the key towards the rear of the vehicle to lock it, or towards the front to unlock it.

Passenger doors


  • Pull the interior door opening control.


Peugeot 2008. Back-up procedures

  • Open the doors.
  • For the rear doors, check that the child lock is not on.

Refer to the corresponding section.

  • Remove the black cap, located on the edge of the door, using the key.
  • Insert the key into the socket without forcing it, then turn the latch towards the inside of the door.
  • Remove the key and refit the black cap.
  • Close the doors and check from the outside that the vehicle is locked.

Changing the battery

Peugeot 2008. Back-up procedures If the battery is discharged, this  warning lamp comes on, accompanied by an audible signal and the display of a message.

Without  Keyless Entry and Starting

Battery type: CR2032 / 3 volts.

Peugeot 2008. Back-up procedures

With Keyless Entry and Starting

Battery type: CR2032 / 3 volts.

Peugeot 2008. Back-up procedures

  • Unclip the cover by inserting a small screwdriver in the slot and raise the cover.
  • Remove the discharged battery from its housing.
  • Insert the new battery, observing the polarity, and clip the cover onto the housing.
  • Reinitialise the remote control.

For more information on Reinitialising the remote control, refer to the corresponding section.

Peugeot 2008. Back-up procedures Do not throw remote control batteries away, as they contain metals that are harmful to the environment. Take them to an approved disposal point.

Reinitialising the remote control

Following replacement of the battery or in the event of a fault, it may be necessary to reinitialise the remote control.

Without Keyless Entry and Starting

Peugeot 2008. Back-up procedures

  • Switch off the ignition.
  • Return the key to position 2 (Ignition on).
  • Immediately press the closed padlock button for a few seconds.
  • Switch off the ignition and remove the key from the switch.

The remote control is now fully operational again.

With Keyless Entry and Starting

Peugeot 2008. Back-up procedures

  • Insert the mechanical key (incorporated into the remote control) into the lock to open the vehicle.
  • Place the electronic key against the back-up reader on the steering column and hold it there until the ignition is switched on.
  • Switch on the ignition by pressing the "START/STOP" button.
  • With a manual gearbox, place the gear lever in neutral then fully depress the clutch pedal.
  • With an automatic gearbox or drive selector, while in mode  P, depress the brake pedal.

If the fault persists after reinitialisation, contact a PEUGEOT dealer or a qualified workshop without delay.

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