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Peugeot 2008: Driving / Automatic gearbox (EAT6)

Peugeot 2008 2019-2024 Owner's Manual / Driving / Automatic gearbox (EAT6)

6-speed automatic gearbox which offers a choice between the comfort of automatic operation or manual gear changing.

Two driving modes are available:

  • Automatic operation for electronic management of the gears by the gearbox.
  • Manual operation for sequential changing of the gears by the driver.

Gear selector module

Peugeot 2008. Automatic gearbox (EAT6)

P. Park

  • Vehicle immobilised, parking brake applied or released.
  • Engine starting.

R. Reverse

  • Reversing manoeuvres, vehicle stationary, engine at idle.

N. Neutral

  • Vehicle immobilised, parking brake applied.
  • Engine starting.

D. Automatic operation

M. + / - Manual operation

  • To shift up/down through the gears, push the control backwards/forwards.

Information displayed on the instrument panel

When a position is selected in the grate with the gear selector, the corresponding indicator lamp lights up on the instrument panel.

P. Park

R. Reverse

N. Neutral

D. Drive (automatic operation)

1...6. Gear engaged during manual operation

-. Instruction not processed in manual operation

Starting the vehicle

  • Peugeot 2008. Automatic gearbox (EAT6) With your foot on the brake pedal, select position P or N.
  • Start the engine.
  • If the conditions are not met, you will hear an audible signal, accompanied by the display of a message.
  • With the engine running, press the brake pedal.
  • Release the parking brake, unless it is programmed to automatic mode.
  • Select position R, D or M.
  • Gradually release the brake pedal.

The vehicle moves off immediately.

Peugeot 2008. Automatic gearbox (EAT6) If position N is selected inadvertently while driving, allow the engine to return to idle, then select position D to accelerate.

Peugeot 2008. Automatic gearbox (EAT6) When the engine is running at idle with the brakes released, if position R, D or M is selected, the vehicle moves even without the accelerator being pressed.

Never leave children unattended in the vehicle when the engine is running.

When carrying out maintenance with the engine running, apply the parking brake and select position P.

Automatic operation

  • Select position D for automatic changing of the six gears.

The gearbox then operates in auto-adaptive mode, without any intervention on the part of the driver. It continuously selects the most suitable gear according to the driving style, the road profile and the load in the vehicle.

For maximum acceleration without touching the selector, press the accelerator fully down (kick-down). The gearbox changes down automatically or holds the gear selected until the maximum engine speed is reached.

When braking, the gearbox changes down automatically to provide effective engine braking.

If you release the accelerator sharply, the gearbox will not shift to a higher gear for safety reasons.

Peugeot 2008. Automatic gearbox (EAT6) Never select position N while the vehicle is moving.

Never select positions P or R unless the vehicle is completely stationary.

Manual operation

Peugeot 2008. Automatic gearbox (EAT6) To limit fuel consumption during an extended standstill with the engine running (for example, in a traffic jam), set the gear selector to N and apply the parking brake.

  • Selecting position  M enables sequential shifting between the six gears.
  • To shift up/down through the gears, push the control backwards/forwards.

The gearbox only changes gear if the vehicle speed and engine speed conditions allow; otherwise, the rules for automatic operation are temporarily applied.

Peugeot 2008. Automatic gearbox (EAT6) D disappears, and the gears engaged appear in succession on the instrument panel.

If the engine speed is too low or too high, the selected gear flashes for a few seconds, then the gear actually engaged is shown.

It is possible to change from position D to position M  at any time.

When the vehicle is stationary or moving very slowly, the gearbox selects gear M1 automatically.

Peugeot 2008. Automatic gearbox (EAT6) This symbol is displayed if a gear is not engaged correctly (gear selector between two positions).

Switching the vehicle off

Before switching off the engine, it is possible to engage position P or N to place the gearbox in neutral.

In both cases, apply the parking brake to immobilise the vehicle, unless it is programmed to automatic mode.

Peugeot 2008. Automatic gearbox (EAT6) If the selector is not in position P, when the driver's door is opened or approximately 45 seconds after the ignition is switched off, an audible signal sounds and a message appears.

  • Return the gear selector to P; the audible signal stops and the message disappears.


Peugeot 2008. Automatic gearbox (EAT6) In the event of a malfunction, this warning lamp comes on and a message is displayed, when the ignition is switched on.

In this case, the gearbox goes into back-up mode and is locked in 3rd gear. It is possible to feel a significant jolt (without risk for the gearbox) while changing from  P to R and from N to R.

Do not exceed 62 mph (100  km/h), local speed restrictions permitting.

Have it checked by a PEUGEOT dealer or a qualified workshop.

Peugeot 2008. Automatic gearbox (EAT6) There is a risk of damaging the gearbox:

  • If the accelerator and brake pedals are pressed simultaneously.
  • In the event of a battery failure, forcing the selector from position P to another position.

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